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Chief Executive

Former professional footballer and self made entrepreneur, Darko is very much a business focused, target driven individual.

The majority of his football career Darko played in Sweden with Djurgarden IF and IFK Norrköping but also with Walsall FC in UK.

He has strong work ethics. His values are honesty, transparency, efficiency and respect.

Founder and Chief Executive firsteleven ISM

Franjo Vranjkovic is founder of firsteleven ISM with 30 year of experience in football business and has been involved in record-breaking transfers.

Vranjkovic brings years of know-how, network of International contacts and ideas to firsteleven ISM holding but also firsteleven ISM as Chief Executive.

UK Brand Ambassador and Mental Performance Consultant

Mark is based in Plymouth, UK, but works with players all over the world through video conferencing.

He is the best selling author of the book: Use Your Brain, Raise Your Game – The Professional Footballers Guide to Peak Performance.

Mark has a wealth of experience working with top level footballers including Premier League and International players.

Mark alternates his time working with players in his private practice as well as being available exclusively to players attached to firsteleven ISM holding.


Resilience Coach

Matthew Caldaroni is the founder of Mind-Body Fusion, a company that specializes in helping individuals build their resilience skills. Through helping individuals build their resilience, both in and out of performance, Matthew and his team have helped over 5, 200 individuals tap into their extra gear and reach new highs in performance. Through his unique approach in working with both the mental skills and lifestyle habits, Matthew helps individuals dive into a piece of performance, and life, that many overlook – creating long lasting habits that develop the person before the athlete. Through his experiences of working with various professional athletes and elite business professionals, and being an ex-professional soccer player himself, Matthew understands both the highs and lows that are associated with being a competitor. He is one of the first in his craft to tap into the lifestyle of a resilient competitor, versus the psychology, and has found that successful performances go beyond the performance environment.

Matthew and Mark will be working together to provide players with an unbreakable approach to their development both on and off the pitch.

Website: Matthew Caldaroni/

Head of Nutrition and Players Development

Considered as one of the best development coaches, Mike has worked with premiership football teams, Olympians and the Irish rugby team amongst a host of other teams and sporting personalities

McGurn worked for 3 seasons with Hull City Football Club and was Fitness Consultant at Leeds United Football Club and Everton Football Club.

Mike was involved for 8 years with Irish national Rugby Union team as Head of Strength and Conditioning.

In 2008 he began working with boxer Bernard Dunne, helping the Dubliner become Super Bantam-Weight Champion of the World.

Mike brings years of know-how and expertise when comes to development and mentoring of sports athletes.

PR Media Relations Strategist

Chenoa Parr is a PR media relations strategist with over 25 years’ experience. Chenoa has worked with numerous individuals skyrocketing their reputation by building their profiles and subsequently maximising their earning potential.

Over the years Chenoa’s clients have appeared across hundreds of UK and international channels including The Times, Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Guardian, BBC, ITV and countless others.

Chenoa’s industry knowledge, years of expertise and know-how brings an invaluable addition to the agency for players relations.



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